Make the most out of your skydiving experience being fully prepared as you head out to northern Virginia. These pro tips are to help alleviate the stress of the day-to-day so you can be fully present and enjoy your skydive! Here we go!

TLDR: Get a pet sitter, eat a good breakfast, bring a valid, government issued photo ID, bring snacks, wear comfortable clothes with sneakers and be sure to buy the video! It’ll be worth it! 



A few things to think about to enjoy the day to take care of at home, before you make the drive out to skydive with us. 

  • Get a pet sitter

One of our policies is no pets on site. We love fur babies, we have our own, but skydiving isn’t a pet friendly environment. With little shade, the sensitive skydiving equipment, and airplanes, it’s best to leave your fur babies at home.

  • Eat a good breakfast (and lunch!)

Many of you might not be breakfast people, however, your body will need the nutrition to process the physiological demands of jumping from a plane. In order to avoid getting sick or not enjoying the experience, we recommend staying away from fried foods and eat a good meal such as oatmeal, eggs or even avocado toast. 


Photo by Willo M.


What to Bring

  • Valid Photo ID

What’s your leaving the house mantra? Wallet, keys, phone…. That should about do it, but make sure you have your valid, government issued photo ID in your wallet or purse – just like you would if you were heading out on a commercial flight. 

  • Snacks & drinks

There are vending machines on site, and the town is only a few miles away, but it’s always nice to have a cooler of your favorite things on hand. 


What to Wear & Prepare 

  • Comfortable clothes

Having the right clothes will make a world of difference for comfort level, ability to move around, and fit under a jumpsuit which we provide. On hot summer days, you may choose to opt out of wearing a jumpsuit. However, a jumpsuit will protect your clothes and add an extra layer of material on landing, which are usually butt slides on tandem skydives. 

What kind of clothes are best? We recommend not wearing your favorite clothes as the wind stretches out material and or if you’re not wearing a jumpsuit, the butt slide on landing. Cargo pants, yoga pants, hiking pants, or  jeans with stretch will be best to dig out of the closet. 

  • Shoes

This is important as well! Avoid shoes with hooks, heavy boots, and no sandals. The simple athletic sneaker is best.

  • Glasses or Contacts?

It is absolutely ok to wear either. You’ll need to disclose these details on your waiver and inform your instructor you’re wearing them for your jump so they can provide appropriately fitted goggles for you. 

  • Long hair 

Guys or gals – long hair is best worn in braids, tightly knitted buns or the multi layered elastics. Avoid hard hair clips and use the classic elastic hair ties. 

Photo from PopSugar

Get the Video

Ok we get it. We’re biased. But let us tell you – one of the biggest regrets we hear from our guests is that they didn’t get the video! We were all first time skydivers once and we even played out our videos and enjoyed sharing our photos on social, with friends, made photo books, and got them canvas printed! Trust us, it’s worth it! 

Are you ready to skydive with us in gorgeous northern Virginia? We look forward to welcoming you to our growing facility and showing you this fascinating world of skydiving!