There are just over 40,000 members of the United States Parachute Association (the national organization for skydiving). In 2022, the organization reported that there were nearly 4 million skydives made at 208 affiliated skydiving centers across the country. So skydiving isn’t exactly a popular sport, but if you’re into it, it can be a rewarding hobby.

Skydiving is unlike many sports as it requires you to be at least 18 years of age to jump at a USPA affiliated skydiving center (which Skydiving Shenandoah is). Skydiving also utilizes aircraft, specialized equipment, and requires training to become licensed which in turn, makes it an expensive hobby.  However, a tandem skydive makes for a great local adventure or a destination activity at a reasonable cost. For those wanting to pursue the sport as a hobby, there are several ways to make it affordable as all the costs are not upfront.

What is it about skydiving that attracts people? Well, many dream of flying. Not just in an airplane, but flying their bodies like Super Man or Peter Pan. Some say it’s about the adrenaline rush, but not for all. We’ve heard some say that it’s about the freedom and that it makes you present in the moment. Many have skydiving as a bucket list item, to conquer a fear or feel like their living life to the fullest. Whatever it is for you, skydiving is a unique sport that is not for the faint of heart.

What makes it an epic adventure? The ole cliche is that it truly sets you outside of your comfort zone. The setting is at an airport with the sound of propellers roaring, colorful parachutes popping open in the skies, and the feeling of the other skydivers intenstity filling the air with whoops of joy and stories of their last jump. Skydiving is three dimensional, sensational, and captivating. It indulges all your senses just as the gorgeous views of northern Virginia, the sounds of the aircraft buzzing around, and the smells of being out in a musty ole hangar that warps you into the past.

However, we know skydiving isn’t for everyone. Some aren’t even remotely interested in stepping foot into this world. Some are willing just to watch (and we certainly welcome spectators!), some are willing just to do it once. Then there are those that are simply wooed by the thrill and cannot get enough. Whether you are wanting to try it once or learn, you can find the thrill of the sport of skydiving here in Virginia!