Skydiving is an extreme sport that welcomes enthusiasts a real world experience with tandem skydiving. Being introduced to this unfamiliar world brings a lot of valid questions. Here, we answer the top 5 ‘Can I Skydive With…’ questions from health to bringing other things in the sky for your adventure.

Can I Skydive With Glasses / Contacts?

Absolutely you can! It is important that you disclose on any paperwork and with the office to inform them that you wear either glasses or contacts. An instructor will provide goggles specially to wear over the glasses or goggles with less air filters for those wearing contacts.

Can I Skydive Wearing a Costume?

We love costumes! The answer is yes as long as the costume will not interfere with safe skydiving operations. This means no capes, no blow up costumes, no hooked shoes, or bulky. Ideal costumes are one to two pieces, fitted, and minimal.

Can I Skydive With a Go Pro?

In short, not for any tandem skydiving. In fact, no type of small cameras are allowed for tandem skydiving or during the student program. Cameras are distracting, requires special instruction before using and a minimum experience level. From the national organization, the United States Parachute Association:

It is recommended that jumpers be licensed and have completed 200 jumps before jumping with a camera. The jumper should have made at least 50 recent jumps on the same parachute equipment to be used for camera flying, The camera flyer should know the experience and skills of all the jumpers in the group.

Can I Skydive With Asthma?

This depends. Most of the time we can accommodate guests with asthma. This must be disclosed on any paperwork, to the office team, and to the instructor as steps can be made to bring an inhaler. However, as with any health condition, we high recommend a doctor’s approval as we are not medical professionals.

Can I Skydive With my Dog?

Although this is cool and it has been done (although rare), we do not allow guests to skydive with their dogs here at Skydive Shenandoah.

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