We are stoked you landed on this page! Our whole intent is to help you set up for success making a tandem skydive! Many people research what TO DO, but let’s take a peak of the top 4 things NOT TO DO before you go tandem skydiving.

Drink Too Much

Oh, we get it! You’re about to jump from a plane and you may feel the call to calm your nerves. However, not only do we have a strict drug and alcohol policy, the adrenaline you’re about to experience will effect your physiological state. If you’re hungover, you are guaranteed NOT to have a good time 🙁

What To Do: Stop drinking the night before to ensure a minimum of 8 hours before your skydive and do not drink or take any recreational drugs the day of your jump

Eat Fried Foods or Not Eat at All

Nourishing the body is crucial for an event like jumping from a plane. Almost the same as not drinking or not too much, your body needs the nutrients to process the adrenaline. Eating fried foods or not having any food in your belly will make you feel nauseous, shaky or fatigued during this experience.

What To Do: eat a nutritious meal with plenty of protein, bring healthy snacks, and be sure to hydrate

getting ready to tandem skydiving at Skydive Shenandoah

Right Clothes

To us it seems fairly logical, but some clothes and shoes are not suited for skydiving. Loose fitted clothing tends to whip in freefall that is not a pleasant feeling. Wearing jewelry could fall off or get caught on the skydiving equipment. Wearing shoes with hooks, big soles, or sandals are not proper footwear.

What to Do: wear athletic style clothings (yoga pants, jeggings, cargo pants, hiking pants), and closed toed shoes like sneakers

Make Other Plans for the Day

We do our best to minimize wait times, but as we learned in this industry, there are so many unpredictable variables that could make wait times longer than anticipated. Things like, guests arriving late, weather, or aircraft delays are some instances that prolongs our days. It is an added stress if you’re trying to rush out of here for another activity or dinner plans and it takes away from the experience.

What to Do: do not make other plans for the day; if you do, be sure they’re local or stay in town to check out the other amazing things Shenandoah has to offer

Ready to take the leap? Give us a call and we’ll be ready to welcome you to skydiving!